Quickly adding a resource and booking it to a task

Adding a resource to a conversation

WorkBook has a few different, smart and quick ways of adding a resource to a conversation. Choose whichever method you find the best.

The old fashioned

The classic way of adding a resource to a task or job conversation is to click the “Add users” button in the bottom left corner of a conversation.

From here, you can select the source of the resource and search for the specific user or users you wish to add. You can add users by typing their email, as long as the user has been previously created within your system.

If you by accident add a wrong user, simply click the avatar and the user will be removed. You cannot remove existing users in the conversation from this dialog.

The quick add

WorkBook offers a method of quickly adding users to a conversation – that being a simple conversation or a task conversation.

If you know the initials of the resource you would like to add to a conversation, you can “merely mention” them using a commercial “@”. You can also find the initials in the “Resource list” that is accessible from the “Quick menu” to the right.

When you “mention” a resource, a small popup appear in the bottom right corner with the names of the resource that will be added to the conversation.

Booking a resource

In the wake of introducing “the quick add”, another feature to obviously mention is how to quickly book a resource on a task.

If you “double mention” a resource by using @@, that resource will be added to the “task resource list”, thus making the task appear on the resource’s “Task list”. If needed you can book hours on the newly added resource.

Please notice how the “Task resources” will be updated with the “double mentioned” resources.


Add resource


Quick add: after

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