Quick search


The Quick search can be used to find jobs, tasks/tickets, resources and even parts of conversations be they on a task, ticket or a job.

It’s a powerful tool and can be very helpful in the everyday use of WorkBook. Welcome to the Quick search guide!

Where to find it?

In the right side you’ll find an icon with a magnifying glass. Click it and you will find the “Quick search“.


Search options

Job, task, resource or conversation search

The first thing needed to determine is the category in which to search.

A search can be done within:

  • A job
  • A task
  • A resource
  • A conversation
  • A resource profile
  • A briefing
  • Jump to a job element
  • A finance element
  • A document

Use the tabs in the top to switch.

Search string

Type in the search string in the search field. This is what you are going to search for.


Extended filter

You may add more extended filters to your search. The search result will have to be within the intersection of your extended filters.

User companies, clients, employees, and tags as extended filter.

Open or closed & to and from date

These four options let you choose to search within:

  • Open jobs/task/tickets
  • Closed job/task/tickets
  • From a specific date
  • To a specific date



  • There is a two word limitation in the search string.
  • Trunkating does not work

Result notes

The “open” option will search within tasks that has the “to-do” status and only on active job plans.

The “close” option will search within tasks that are “done” or “on hold” and on both active and inactive job plans.

Choosing both “open” and “closed” will search for tasks that has status “to-do”, “done” and “on hold” on both active and inactive plans.

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