Price quote exceeds invoice (Notification)

This is a notification for approval you can get when a final invoice is approved, in which the price quote amount exceeds the final invoice amount. 


Step-by-Step guide

1. First, click settings.

Then click Company approvals.

Then click Sales invoice approval.

Price quote exceeds invoice 12


2. Now check the check box in line 36. This activates the approval flow

Now choose the trigger amount. This defines how much the price quote must exceed the final invoice in order to send the invoice out for approval

Choose the receiver of the approval notification.

Price quote exceeds invoice 21


 3. Now that you’ve activated the approval flow, go to your job and click Price.

Then click Activity lines.

At the bottom you can see this price quote adds up to 8.400 USD

Now approve the price quote.

Price quote exceeds invoice 31


4. Now that you’ve approved the price quote, click Invoice.

Click Invoice lines

Now check if the final Invoice is a lower amount than the approved price quote. (In other words that the price quote exceeds the final Invoice)

Lastly to check whether it works, click “Approve Invoice”.

Price quote exceeds invoice 41


5.  Now that you’ve approved the Final Invoice, click Approval.

Here you can see that Barry White got the notification that we activated earlier on.

Price quote exceeds invoice 51


6. Now we jump to Barry White’s profile.

We go to his inbox.

And lastly we can now choose through the notification, whether or not to approve the Final Invoice which has a price quote that exceeds it.

Price quote exceeds invoice 61

There you have it, you now know how to activate and use this notification.

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