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WorkBook is linked to a local file server or to a cloud-based file storage (such as Google Drive, Azure storage, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox). Read a more tech explanation here.

When a new client is created in WorkBook, the system will automatically create a folder for that client on the file server.

Whenever a new job is created, WorkBook will automatically create a job folder plus a job folder structure on the file server (it is possible to setup WorkBook so it can create folders on different file servers, when a new job is created).

Once the folder is created, and files are saved to the folder, WorkBook will display the files within the system. If you delete files from the file server, they will be deleted in WorkBook as well. If you upload new files through WorkBook, they will be saved on the file server. In other words; WorkBook simply links to the files on the file server and facilitates the creation of job folders.

Example of a job folder

The default folder structure is this:


When a file is uploaded to the system, WorkBook will generate a preview of the file.

Example in a conversation:

The preview system can show the following file types:

Word Documents (.doc and .docx)

Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Rich Text Fomat (.rft)

Text Files (.txt, .text, .sql and .xml)

Raster graphics (.tif, .tiff, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp)

Vector Graphics (.svg)

If other file types are uploaded it will look like this:


It is possible to create unique links to files. You can configure for how long the link should remain active and/or how many times the file can be downloaded.


You can collect feedback through conversations in the system. Both internal employees and client contacts can be a part of a conversation.

Notice the blue lock icon. This icon means that the comment is “Private” and only internal employees can see it. When employees are inputting comments, the default is “Private”.

When a client contact is on a conversation and you chose to make a comment “Public”, the client contact will receive an email with the comment that was made. The email also contain a link that, when clicked, will open up the conversation in a browser window.

Feedback using ConceptShare

We also offer a tailor-made tool for Review and Approval, called ConceptShare. ConceptShare will allow you to upload files that requires review, feedback and approval.

Example: comparing two version of files

Example: reviewing a movie file

ConceptShare support a long list of file formats. Read more here.

WorkBook and ConceptShare are integrated, so it is possible to start a new review from the job in WorkBook.

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