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Time sheet and Expenses– Absence list

In the Absence list you can get an overview of all absence entries you have done and keep track of how many days you have left. Also, if your company is using an absence approval workflow you can check the status of approvals.

Time & Material – Personal information

Select holiday year

In the upper right corner you can select the holiday to view data from.

Holiday status

Transferred: shows any holidays transferred from a previous year.
Number of days earned: shows the number of holidays earned in current holiday year.
Extra fixed: shows any extra holidays added to you.
Holiday/Leave: shows any special Holiday/Leave days added to you.
Withdrawn in salary: shows if any holidays have been withdrawn in your salary.
Days earned total: the total number of holidays earned.
Number of days used: the total number of used holidays.
Remaining days: the number of remaining days.
Flex account hours: shows the total number of hours on your flex account (only if enabled in WorkBook).

Absence entries

This tab shows the absence entries made in WorkBook.

Absence requests

This tab shows a list of un-approved absence requests. Once an entry have been approved it’s removed from the list.

Flex day overview

Shows a detailed day-by-day list of the flex account calculation. (Flex system functionality must be enabled in the system – see more information in this article).

Time sheet and Expenses – Personal expense status

The Personal expense status shows a list of expenses that you have been registered in WorkBook. You can filter on Paid, not paid and entries under preparation (note: it will only show paid entries if the entries have been settled in the finance module).

Time & Material – Personal expense status


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