Personal expenses entry: Cross-company


If working in a setup with different companies sometimes you might need to register personal expenses on a job that has been created in a different company than your own.

WorkBook V9 offers this options, and this guide will show you how to set it up and register expenses.


In this example we have two companies:

  • Bluebird Company
  • Blackbird Company


  • Holding accounts (Job company)
  • Offset accounts (Creditor company)
  • Voucher sequence (Creditor company)
  • Cross-company Settlement
  • Cross-company expenses (Job properties)

These settings and accounts have to be set up for all involved companies!

Setting up the holding accounts (Job company)

Setting up a holding account can be done in settings -> Finance -> Holding accounts.
Here you can create a new holding account and link it up to an account in the chart of accounts.
Several things are needed to be set up here. The finance account, make it active and make sure the mark under “Use in voucher management” is checked off and that the holding account has a VAT code.

Setting up the offset accounts (Creditor company)

These are simple to set up. Go to Finance -> Daily -> Chart of account.
After selecting the account you want to use as an offset account go to “Show properties”(1), then selects “Setup”(2) and mark the check box “Use this account for vouchers”(3)

Cross-company settlement settings

It is through the “Cross-company settlement”-settings that you link the companies together. This can only be done in the HTML version.

  1. This is where the user chooses the job company, which is to be the starting point.
  2. Here the user chooses the creditor company which is to be connected to the starting point, chosen in option 1, above.
  3. This check box will show the settings for cross company expense registrations.
  4. In these two fields the user can set up the holding (job company) and offset accounts (creditor company), between the chosen companies.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, these settings have to be set for ALL involved companies.

Setting up the voucher sequence (Creditor company)

The guide about voucher sequences explains how to set up new voucher sequences. After a new voucher sequence has been set up, it can be mapped to cross-company expense entries, as shown on the image below.


Allowing cross-company expenses on the job

In the job properties you can allow cross-company expenses on the job.


Cross-company personal expense entry

  1. Start by creating an expense entry, as shown in the image below.
  2. If you can not find the job you need to make the expense entry on, click the icon in the right side of the job drop down menu, and select “all jobs”.
  3. The VAT is selected through “Location”.
  4. After filling out the needed information, click “approve”.


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