How to pay vouchers with a credit card

Paying vouchers using a credit card in WorkBook must be performed, for the time being, in our Silverlight / V8 interface.

Make the holding account

First, create a holding account for the credit card. To learn how to create a holding account, see this article.

Create the payment method

Next, create a payment method called “Credit card” and tie it to the new holding account you have created. Learn more about how to do this by reading this article.

Set the payment method on the creditor

Now, set the payment method on the creditor. You do this in the creditor list underneath the creditor properties.


Create a payment proposal

Finally, make a creditor payment proposal. You can follow this article and chose the correct payment method.

The payments will now be debited on the creditor involved and credited directly on the finance account associated with the holding account.

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