Partial invoice: Transfer methods

When transferring the job costs to a partial invoice, WorkBook offers different transfer methods that will carry on to how the printed invoice looks.

Partial invoice

Start by going to the job that and create a new partial invoice. If you already have a partial invoice on the job navigate to job invoice and find the partial invoice tab.


Transfer job expenditures to partial invoice

Once you are on the partial invoice, you have a number of tools to handle job expenditures.

From the left:

  • Check expenditures
  • Insert expenditures
  • Select all
  • Deselect all
  • Approve records
  • Unapprove records
  • Transfer selected lines to invoice lines
  • Remove not selected lines

In this example the expenditures are added to the partial invoice. Should changes have been made use the “Check expenditures” to update.


Transfer job expenditures to invoice lines

Start by selecting the expenditures you would like to transfer to your invoice lines. I’ve selected all using the “Select all” button.

Next we’re going to use the “Transfer selected lines to invoice lines” button. This brings up a dialog where you can select transfer method. In this example we’d like to use transfer method 19 – “Tasks as phases and all details as activity lines”. This defines how the invoice will look.

Select the method that fits your purpose.


Invoice lines & print invoice

Once the lines are transferred you will be taken to the “Lines” tab to see the result.


From here you can also print the invoice. Find the “Reports” button to the right, locate report 351, the invoice report in the drop-down in the upper right corner. From here you can also select the format to download the invoice in.

In this example here’s the result, but it depends on the transfer method choose:


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