OneDrive for Business integration


WorkBook integrates with Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This enables your organizations to use the Microsoft Office365 offerings together with WorkBook.

When configured, WorkBook will be able to upload and download files directly from OneDrive for Business.
You can also see the files associated with the current job, and even have WorkBook create job folders in OneDrive every time you create a new client, prospect or a job.


Installation and Configuration

Before you begin

Before you begin, an Administrative user for the Office 365 Installation is required. This user needs full access to the SharePoint Site used to store the OneDrive for Business files.
In addition to that, you will need to know the URL for the SharePoint Site address.

Deltek needs to be notified that you wish to use this Storage Provider as we need to add the WorkBook URL in question in our setup.

Step 1 – Add the “Office 365 SharePoint” Storage Provider

Once you have added the storage provider to WorkBook, enter the required configuration values.

The required values are:

  • ServiceResourceId: this will most likely be the domain of your SharePoint installation prefixed with https:// (
  • ServiceEndpointUri: this will be the full address to your SharePoint site suffixed with /_api/ (

Step 2 – Authenticate with Office 365

Select the Key icon in the toolbar located over My Settings.
This will open a popup window where you need to enter your Office 365 credentials.

Step 3 – Confirm that the integration is functioning

Confirm that Office 365 SharePoint Integration is functioning by running the storage provider test.
Mark the correct Storage Provider and click the ‘Test’ icon
Some of this test might fail due to certain characters not allowed in SharePoint.


You can now use your OneDrive for Business with WorkBook.
For help with configuring the job and resource folders, please see this guide: Storage Provider and WebDav.

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