New Calendar Worker (Agent) FAQ

This article aims to answer some common questions regarding the new calendar worker, introduced with the HTML5 UI of Workbook.

Q and A’s

1Q: How often does it run?

1A: The previous version had a forced minimum time of every fourth hour. The new version do not have any such limitations, it will depend on client requirements. This is however still being tuned.

2Q: Is anything locked while running, like bookings?

2a: It does not lock anything while it is running. Therefore the user will not feel any impact on user experience while the Calendar Worker is synchronising to the users calendar.

3Q: Is there a performance impact while it’s running?

3a: Yes, and it is significant, and the more often it runs the harder the impact. Compared to the previous version, however, much of the work is done in the API instead of on the database, so it possible to mitigate.

4Q: How many estimated users can do calendar sync at a time? (E.g. can it handle syncing 200 users calendar appointments both ways without the server exploding?)

4a: Yes. The agent handles every resource one at a time, so this is not a limitation. The same was true for the previous version. Of course, if there are more resources then it will take longer between updating the specific resource.

5Q: Does it update the calendar event if the time is changed within workbook and vice versa?

5a: If you export from Workbook, the calendar event will update based on the change within Workbook.
If you update the event in the calendar, it will change back to match Workbook upon next synchronisation.

5b: If you import an event made in the calendar, then change will not be possible from Workbook, and it will update if changed in the calendar.

Notably, this is different than the previous version. The previous version removed the old event or booking and made a new one to replace it.

6Q: If the user deletes the appointment in Outlook and vice versa

6a: Please refer to above.

7Q: Does workbook re-sync if the time/date is changed within workbook and vice versa?

7a: The Calendar Worker perform synchronisation at set time intervals.
Bookings are locked on a specific date and can’t be changed without making a new booking. If this happens, an update will be triggered upon next synchronisation. The update is based on the change in WorkBook. This does not apply to changes made to the event in your external calendar.

8Q: What info is pulled through to the event? What info is pulled through to Workbook?


WorkBook -> External calendar
Start date and end date is based on the booking within WorkBook – Normally a booking is placed at 8.30am (unless another time is specifically chosen.
The end time is when start date and time + hours booked that day. An example of this is 8.30am + 5 hours booking = end time at 1.30pm.
The start date can be automatically moved if two bookings within Workbook collide (so the booking is stacked and not just placed on the same time).

The subject will contain:
Task name – Job No. – Job name. Client name

The body will contain:
Priority: Task Priority
Task: TaskNumber – Task Name
Allocated hours: <TaskResHours> (Only yours hours booked)
Task status: <Task Status>
Job: <JobId> – <JobName>
Customer: <ClientName>

When reading from External calendar -> WorkBook
We look at event subject, start date, end date and whether it is show as tentative, busy or free, as well as its status which can be “all day” or “private”.

9Q: Are booked people on the task also booked by e-mail in Outlook?

9a: No. Booked employees will only see the event in their external calendar if they themselves are using calendar synchronisation.

10Q: Can reminders be added to the events created in outlooks?

10a: No, only in Workbook.

11Q: Can we specify which tasks are synchronised? 

11a: While it is not possible to choose which tasks are exported, it is possible to control which events are imported into Workbook. System variable 630 controls private handling, and can be set to not include events marked as private, as well as events that occur outside the resource’s working hours.


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