Multiple expense entries

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It is now possible to update multiple expenses at once, using the newly added button “Multi update selected expense records”

The purpose of this functionality is to help you to save time when you register expense entries.

Multiple expense entries has been designed considering the fact that when travelling you often have a fixed purpose and therefore a job, then all the details about the activity and its description can be entered for all the lines in only one entry.

Be aware of using the option “multiple expenses” required to add an expense entry as a first step. Later on, you should select all the entries and click on the icon “Multi update selected expense records”


When this is done, the next step would be to update manually the total amount of each entry.

It’s also possible to change the description of several entries under the option “Overwrite existing description”. Just be sure to select all the entries and repeat the same data previously included on the job, activity and description.


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