Moving time entries between jobs

Note: When moving hours between jobs it is also possible to change the registration date in the same process. This option is a setting controlled by System variable 366. (It is only possible to access the system variables in version 8)

Moving time entries

To move time entries between different Jobs, you must first access the Costs tab underneath the Job you wish to move the hours from. Click the “Hours” tab, then select the hamburger icon. Choose “Move time entries to another job.”

You will be prompted with a dialog box where you will first choose which hours you wish to transfer from the old job, then select the settings on how you would like these hours to be moved and to what job they should be moved.

When you have moved the hours from one job to another there will be a negative time entry on the job you are moving hours from and a positive time entry on the receiving job.

Moving unapproved hours

Please note that time entries that have not been approved can be moved if no general approver is set up. You can check this in Settings > Company approvals > Time entry approval. If no one is checked then you will be able to move the hours, if one i set up as approver the hours cannot be moved.


System variables

Note that there are a variety of system variables that may impact this particular feature.

  • 9: Enable allow change move date when moving hours between jobs
  • 84: Max. numbers of days backwards when moving hours
  • 140: Grant administrators unlimited access to move hours
  • 141: Grant advanced users unlimited access to move hours
  • 172: Allow to move hours to a closed accounting period (only administrator)
  • 173:  Allow move hours between companies
  • 366: Move hours, keep the original registration date when moving hours
  • 888: Time entry move hours to another job: Block transaction if job posting configuration is not equal

If you encounter any issue with moving your hours, check these system variable settings.

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