Moving job costs / external purchases to other jobs

This article will explains how to move purchases to other jobs. 

To move a purchase you must first allow a user to move purchases and also define the maximum amount they are allowed to move. Please note that leaving this field blank allows the selected employee to move a voucher of any amount. If you want to restrict an employee’s ability to move vouchers entirely, insert a “0” into the field.

Allow move amount

After allowing a maximum amount an employee may move, you must select a booked voucher and click the move voucher icon as seen below.

Moving the voucher

From here specify the correct customer, Job no., a new posting date if necessary, and a comment as to why you moved the voucher.

If you’re moving a voucher to a job with a different posting configuration remember to ticket the “Allow ..” box otherwise Workbook will block the transfer.


A voucher cannot be moved if:

  • Purchases are not allowed on the destination job.
  • The job’s end date is passed.
  • The voucher has been invoiced through a partial invoice.
  • The creditor is blocked.
  • The voucher’s new posting date is in a closed accounting period.
  • The voucher has already been moved once before, and system variable 744 is not checked off (“Allow to move a job-related creditor voucher more than once.”)
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