Move job

Move job

You can move a job from one client to another using the context menu in the Job List.

When moving the job you will be asked for:

  1. The destination client
  2. A preexisting project to use as destination.


There are multiple requirements for moving a job to another client, some of them are based on System Variables (See below) and others are based on the information stored on the job.

Here are some of the items that will block a job transfer:

  • Any journalist financial record.
  • Moving between customer type


When moving a job from one client to another, multiple changes can be made to the job and underlying items.

  • Financial posting methods may change (Changes can be seen in the job log)
  • Adjustment handling may change (Changes can be seen in the job log)
  • The price list will change
  • Job debtor will change

System Variables

There are a number of system variables affecting a job move:

Name Description
853 / JobMoveAllowMoveWhenInvoiceExist If you can move a job that has invoices already created
129 / JobMoveAllowUsertype1 Allow administrator to move jobs between customers
130 / JobMoveAllowUsertype2 Allow advanced user to move jobs between customers
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