Mileage Setup

Price lists & activities – Mileage

In this section you set the price of mileage. Here you set the unit cost price of driving your own car, a company car or as passenger, as well as the customer unit sales price if you are to invoice your client for mileage spent. You must also set an activity type of the mileage – if it doesn’t already exist, create a new Activity for this purpose – see Activity setup. The designated Activity should allow for “Milage entry” and “expense entry” so that mileage vouchers work in voucher invoice management.

The “Equalisation account” is the account that will be credited when entering the type “Company car” or “Passenger” – in which instances the employee is not to be reimbursed. The “Expenditures account” is where the mileage is being charged. “Default sales tax” is to be used in North America – customers in other regions should leave it blank.

You need to fill out all the fields except “Default sales tax” which is required by North American clients.

Price lists & activities – Mileage

Any employee entering mileage – no matter which type (Own car, Company car or Passenger) needs to be linked to a creditor. This can be either the employee’s own creditor or a “mileage” creditor shared by more employees. See Adding a debtor or creditor.

Final step is to establish the link between the employee and the desired creditor:

VAT Code

Remember to set the VAT code if applicable to you, otherwise you may get an error.

27-06-2016 08-40-00

Voucher sequence setup

In “Basic finance settings” you choose the voucher sequence for mileage.

If you want to use a voucher sequence which have not been added, go to “Voucher sequences” settings and add a new one.

Finally you can add a new Jounal type and choose the voucher sequence.

Mileage on price lists

Because cost and sales prices were already added in the setup, you don’t need to also add a specific mileage line to your price lists. If you choose to do so anyhow, there must be an Hourly Sales Price entered, or no sales price will be added to the mileage voucher.

The only influence of the price list on the mileage entry is on the PROFIT MARGIN.


If your intention was to make a customer-specific mileage price, the correct place to do so is back in the mileage setup itself, on the following tab:


Once you’ve setup your Mileage Price List, you just have to apply it to the applicable jobs through the Job properties sidebar.


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