Mileage entry

The Mileage entry allows you to add mileage to jobs. You can enter the mileage expenditures manually from the view below, or use the iOS app to track it

Adding a job
1. Adding a job by entering a search string. Search on job name or job number:

2. Click on the Add job and write the job number.

Start/End location
Pick a location from the list or add a new location by selecting the New location option in the drop-down. Adding a new location will bring up a new window where you need to fill in the name and address.

Approving the Mileage entries   will allow you to click on the Report button and print out the Mileage entry report.

Showing previously approved mileage entries
You can choose to show previously approved entries by clicking on Show: drop-down menu. When having selected a previous mileage entry you can print it by clicking on the Report button (see above).

Deleting entries
You can delete entries by clicking on the Delete button.

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