Material types in Version 10

In this section you can add material types to be used under material entry. You can set the material cost price and the sales price as well as the hourly price and the price of the start-up hours.

Standard material list

Create new material type
You can create a new material type by clicking this button.

Delete a record
Or you can delete a material type.

Merge material types
You are also able to merge two material types to one.

Customer defined material price lists 
You are able to create a customer defined price list for the material under the ‘Customer defined material price list’ tab. You can add a price list and insert the default material types with default cost and sales prices. And then fill in the new cost and sales price associated to this new customer price material list.

Customer defined material price list

Create new list of materials
You create a new price list of materials by clicking this button and here you set the currency.

Copy and delete a selected material group
To facilitate your work you are able to copy a price list of materials and you are also able to delete it by clicking these buttons.

Add and remove material types
You are able to add material types from the standard material list and fill in the new prices. You can also remove a material type from the selected list.


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