Agent 133 – Make jobs auto update their end date

In this article we will show you how to make your jobs auto update their end date.

This is helpful if you for instance have a task within a job, with an end date later than the jobs’ end date. You can here make it automatically update the jobs’ end date. 

This feature applies from version 8.3.6 and up.


Watch the video below on how to activate this setting.

Click here to learn more about agents in general.

Here is a step by step guide.

1. Advanced Tools in Settings and then click Agent Setup

Agent Setup

2. Then you search for “Job end date”

(If the agent is not already running then you can add the agent by clicking “Add an agent”)

add agent job end date

In the parameter menu you can customize your parameters. Afterwards click “Scheduling”.

Job end date - parameters

3. When in the Scheduling menu, tick the “Active” box to activate the agent.

Here you can also customize the Run Date, the Start Time, the start day in Type and also how often it runs in Interval

Job end date - Scheduling


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