List of notification agents

In settings, you can decide what agents are set to run, as well as how often. Agents prompt certain items, such as notifications and automatically generated emails, within WorkBook and can be set to your specifications. Reviewing “Agent setup” shows you a list of agents on your system. You can select the “new agent” button to search for and add a new agent to the list.

Here follows a list of all notification agents:

Follow-up email with approval, required follow-up’s and open conversations

Add active task to conversation list

Add reminder on each expired active task to conversation list

Job cost check notification. Total cost exceeds X% of approved price quote

Add missing conversation subscribers to tasks that have a conversation

Add notification on milestone tasks to conversation list

User defined notification

Raise approval notification

Notification: Billable jobs ready for invoicing

Notification: Billable jobs with open price quotes

Notification: Purchase orders for settlement, PO responsible notification

Notification: Job ticket coupon, consumption reaches or exceeds clips

Notification: Job payment scheme exceeds invoice amount

Email conversation and notification unread item status

Notification: Open invoices (under preparation or for approval) {RT139}

Notification: Open purchase orders (under preparation or for approval) {RT140}

Notification: Task with expired end date where you are responsible, show a task list {RT 141}

Monthly finance check list notification. Notify if it is not complete for the last month.

Notification: Yesterday’s time entry on jobs where you are responsible. {RT 151}

Notification: Tasks with not fully booked capacity needs {RT 152}

Notification summary mail

Notification: Time entry check list for the last 30 days (RT 153)

Notification: Project entries ready for posting (RT 145)

Notification: Sales invoices ready to electronic transfer (RT 143)

Notification: Invoices approved and ready to be closed, Invoice Management (RT 79)

Notification: Job with missing dimension settings (RT 129)

Notification: Incomplete time entry (RT 138)

Notification: Sales invoices ready to be printed or emailed (RT 142)

Notification: Debtors with due payment (RT 154 )

Notification: Subscription agreements ready for billing (RT 155)

Notification: Tickets with expired end date where you are responsible, show a list {RT 157}

Missing approval summary

Job hours check. Total time entry hours exceeds X% of approved price quote

Job schedule check. Total used hours exceeds X % of scheduled hours

Notification: Price Quote Payment Scheme send simple reminder

Support ticket mail notification: “You have open support tickets”

Task booking. Try update resource capacity booking if more hours are needed

Notification when debtor invoices are paid

Notify Job PM and Task Responsible if milestone a task is passed

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