License management

In the License Management section you can view and edit your current license subscription to WorkBook.


What is a license key?

The license key is a unique key attached to your WorkBook subscription and system. The key controls how many basic and advanced users you can create in the system. Obviously, you can’t create more users than the number of valid licenses available in your subscription.The key has an expire date and will automatically be renewed on a regular basis by communication between your WorkBook and our license server through the internet.

Hardware changes

Some hardware changes will require that you reset your license.

  • Motherboard Id
  • Processor Id’s
  • MAC addresses (not including none physical adapters, or those containing certain keywords)

Creating a new user / user licenses

Every user in WorkBook has a license type attached to them. When you create a new user, the system will check if you have enough available user licenses in your system. If not, you will be prompted to contact us to request a new user license. Once the order has been processed you will receive a reply on the ticket that was created based on your email request. When you receive this reply, it’s time to update the license key in your WorkBook for the changes to take effect.

Remember to specify how many licenses of each type you need (Basic or Advanced) when requesting additional licenses.

Updating license key (server with internet access)

As your WorkBook system is communicating with our license server, the only thing you need to do is click the Enter new key. This will open a new box showing your current license key. Just click OK to update this license key. This action will force the system to fetch the new subscription information and adjust the number of licenses to what you have requested.
If the license key is verified by our license server, you should see a green text in the upper right corner saying ‘License is verified and valid’, and you should see the expire date change to the same time two weeks ahead. This doesn’t mean that your license key will expire after two weeks – it’s just to let you know that it has been verified for the next two weeks.
As long as your subscription key is valid, the date will always update itself to two weeks in the future.


Updating license key (server with NO internet access)

This section only applies to clients hosting WorkBook on their own server – and only if the web server (IIS) does not have access to the internet.

In these cases you need to click Request new key in the Manually renew license key section.

Copy the license key and click OK

Click on the link (leave this box opened)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to reset the license key

You should see this on top of the page

Go back to your WorkBook and click Copy

Go back to the license page again and paste the code in the section Your license request and click Renew

You should see a response code in the section Your new license key:

Copy this code and go back to your WorkBook and paste the code in the License key renewal box and click OK


You should see this message along with a green text in the upper right corner saying License is verified and valid


Overview: Licence types and Access roles

Report no. 170 gives you an overview of all users and which license type they have been set up with in your WorkBook

In the bottom of the report, you can see how many licenses of each type are included in your subscription, and how many of these are in use

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