Jobs list

Job list

The Job list shows all jobs in WorkBook. You can filter the job list by customer, by job status to quickly gain an overview. From the job list you also create new jobs.

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Customising the customer list
The first thing you might want to do is to modify the customer list to only show the customers that you work on, on a daily basis. You can modify My customer list from My settings available from the upper right corner, and pin/unpin the customers you would like to see in My customer list.

The navigation is pretty straight forward. Pick the customer, choose a project and then a job. When you have picked the job you can navigate to the tab you would like to work in, eg. the Price tab.

Using the different lists available from the upper right corner enables you to view the job list in a number of different ways.

Clicking on the Print button in the upper right corner brings up the Reports list sidebar. In the list a number of reports are available to you. Specific what reports are shown is dependent on what reports has been made available by your administrator and assigned to your profile.

Data in reports
Many reports in WorkBook are depend on what data is available in the jobs list and will only show data from jobs listed in the job list. This makes reporting very flexible as you can specify exactly what data the reports will show.

Creating a new job
You have two options when you want to create a new job. You can create a job from scratch or create a copy of another job.
Obviously creating a new job involves more work than copying another job.

When the new job has been added to the system you will end up in the Status tab allowing you to adjust the job settings.


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