Job Types (Checklists)


Step-by-Step guide

In this example we will be creating a job type for website development and also add a checklist.

1. First go to Settings -> Dimension -> Job Types and create a new job type 

Give it a name and tick the active box.

Job Types 1

Checklist for Job Types (Optional)

2. Click “create new job type” as seen below, to create checklist categories.

Job Types 1 - Copy

3. Lastly click “create new job type” to create a value for the checklist categori, e.g. “html” as value for “coding language”.

Checklist value

4. You now have a check able checklist

Checkable checklist

Price quote default on job type

This applies for version 8.3.6. and up.

A default price quote can now be set for job types.

Job type - Price quote

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