Job Status Change Notifications

This article applies only to jobs that already has a status (i.e. already have been created).

WorkBook offers the possibility to notify certain managers or specific employees when changing the status of a job.

Job status change setup

To set this up simply navigate to “Settings” and find “Job status change setup” under “Projects & jobs”.

Here you will find the setup page.


Now you can define simple rules that can be set for each company (change company in upper right corner). These rules can contain “from” and “to” job status, be assigned to specific clients and specific managers on the job or in the company.

You can also define a specific employee to receive notifications and add a custom comment.

Handeling expenditures on job status change

You can also set up a set of rules as to how expenditures on the job are handled when changing status.

You can:

  • Do nothing – leave as is
  • Disallow (No)
  • Allow (Yes)


When selecting¬†“Do nothing – leave as is” nothing regarding exediptures on the job is changed. “Yes” will allow the selected expenditure and “No” will disallow.

The impact will show inder “Job finance settings”

Job finace settings

Job status change notification

Once set up the notification itself means that the selected manager or employee will be added to the Job conversation that is on each job. In this example the employee Barry White is added to the job conversation, because our rule determined that he should whenever a job is cancelled on any client.

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