Job Properties Sidebar: Job Finance Settings

The Job Properties Sidebar contains important information related to a job’s settings. Access it by highlighting a job in the jobs list and  clicking the hand icon in the top right corner Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.03.08 PM. The Job Finance Settings  relate to the financial characteristics on the job, such as time entry, billing method, etc.

Once a job is moved into “Invoiced” status, you will notice that time entry will be blocked for the job, and the cost entries are no longer allowed, as shown below. This is to ensure that no more costs are logged to the job after invoicing by default.

When you re-open a job, you must remember to manually re-allow cost entries and time entry, if you wish for these features to be utilized once more.

Please note: The posting configuration does not change until the job closure is journalized. When a job closure has been journalized, the posting configuration will change to “operating”, but until then the job will have the posting configuration as per your setup.

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