Job properties sidebar: Basic job settings

The job properties sidebar Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.00.25 AM provides a variety of information on a job. Highlight the job you wish to review the job properties about, then click on the job properties sidebar button on the top right hand corner.

The Basic job settings Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.00.53 AM give you access to the basics of the job, and should be carefully reviewed and edited accordingly after creating a new job. The Basic job settings include:

Job statusThe current status of the job, “Quotation,” “In process,” “On hold,” “Ready for invoicing,” “Invoiced,” or “Cancelled”

Production status: If you have set up production statuses in your settings, you may choose a production status here.

Evaluated progress: The progress that the job has taken towards completion.

Start, end, and delivery date: These are self-explanatory. The end and delivery date will automatically be the same when the job is created, but you may edit them individually at any time in the  job properties sidebar.

Project Manager: The project manager on the job who will receive notifications regarding the job.

Account Manager: The account manager / responsible for the client.

Finance Manager: The finance manager.

Client contact: The client contact may be selected from a drop-down of contacts related to the job’s client.

Client order no: A freeform text field you may input an order number if necessary.

Client products: Drop-down of client products to choose from.

Project: Drop-down of projects available underneath this particular client. You can click the Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.09.03 AM icon in order to create a new project for use.

Job typeDrop-down of job types that have been set up in your system.

TeamThe team that will be working on this job.

DepartmentThe department that will be working on this job.

Time entry: You may choose to allow time entry for all, only the job team, or block time entry entirely. When a job is closed, this option automatically goes to “block”.

Public: Whether this job is public or not.

Billable: If this job is a billable client job, check this off.

Support ticket job: If this job is to be used for support tickets, check this off.

Price listThe price list to be used for this job.

Material price listMaterials to be used for this job.

Mileage price listThe mileage prices to be used for this job.

Subsistence price listThe subsistence prices to be used for this job.

Coupon jobTo be used for bulk hours. You can select from “hour” or “total expense.”

Pipeline reference: A freeform text field to input a pipeline reference.


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