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A video introduction to the basic user:

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As a Basic User you don’t have as much access as an Advanced user. Basically you need to focus on completing tasks located on your To-do list, and punch in your time used on these tasks.

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My settings

First of all you will need to make sure that your personal settings are correct. Open My settings in the upper left corner.

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The To-do list

On your To-do list you see a list of the tasks that have been assigned to you. To see more information on a specific task, open the task card in the right corner and click on the item that you want to go to. For example, to add a new comment select the “Show conversation” option. To make a time entry you can choose either to use the “Start timer” option or “Make time entry” option if you prefer to fill in the time manually.

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Selecting the Briefing option from the task card, will show the briefing related to this task. 

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Time sheet

If you have used the timer or punched in time manually from your To-do list then you already have time entries in your time sheet. Make sure that these are correct and fill in remaining missing time. Note that you can fill in time on both customer jobs and internal jobs. To fill in absence or holiday use the Advanced options context menu. The time sheet can be approved and locked on the green approve button located in the toolbar.  Note: if you want a job to stick to your time sheet (a long term job for which you will be adding time often) just hit the Pin option.

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Expense entry

If you have expenses related to a job or any other purchases to claim, you can use the expense entry functionality to enter these. 

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Addresses and contacts

If you are looking for a contact for either a customer or a supplier, you can find them in the Resources tab. 

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