Hours added on a job

A video tutorial on seeing the hours added to a job:

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The Hours tab on the job in costs will show all time entries added on this job.

Viewing the list of time entries
You can change what data that appears in the grid by choosing another list in the Lists drop down, especially helpful if you for example want to see all hours on a specific employee.

This makes it easier to filter the data.

You can change the period on some of the views by typing in another date value in the period fields.

Moving hours
You can move hours from one job to another by clicking this button and choosing another job to add the hours to.

The transfer is done in 3 steps:
1. Select the job to move the hours to
2. Selecting the hours to be moved
3. Consider the move date*

* The move date is controlled by open accounting periods in a combination of system variable no. 366.

When the hours has been moved the system will create minus records for every time transfer done on the original job and + records to the job the hours are moved to.

Note: moving hours does not affect the employee’s time sheet. Moving hours are considered an administrative action. Consider having the employee do the change on the time sheet, if this is not what you want.

Moved hours also triggers time records in Project postings in the finance system accordingly.

Changing the activity
It’s also possible to change the activity that originally were used in the time entry. Doing so triggers the sales price to be re-calculated so if you have different activity prices on your price list then expect a change to happen.

Changing the activity also changes the activity on the user’s time sheet.
Note: you can only change the activity on records that are not yet posted in the finance system.

The search field allows you to search in the entire grid.

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