Global Hosting

WorkBook currently offers hosting in a wide range of countries across the globe.
WorkBook Software primarily provides hosting via IBM SoftLayer’s Data Centers around the globe.



  • Paris
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Locations marked with a * is hosted using an alternative provider.


We always ensure that there is enough capacity for all our customers to be online at the same time.

Our servers always run with recent operating systems.
We always use high performance hardware and are constantly tweak the performance of our hosting environment.

Currently most of our servers are running Windows Server 2012 R2, the databases are stored on SAS’s either in RAID or on a High Performance SAN.
The Web Servers are optimized for many requests per second and many small optimizations have been enabled specifically for WorkBook.

Outgoing mails

We ensure that your mails reach their destination.
Together with our partner we ensure that all mails reach their destination using SPF records, DKIM and DomainKey signing.

All mails are send by on behalf of your WorkBook installation.

Data security

At WorkBook we care about your data, so we ensure that we can always recover your data.

Each server used to run WorkBook is using RAID ensuring data integrity, even if a hard disk fails, which also allows us to keep our high up-time on your WorkBook installation.


We do backups of each customer installation and all data we are hosting for you and we ensure the quality of this backup.
Backups are done daily and are stored for a minimum of 31 days in an offsite location.
We are actively working on decreasing the backup interval.


To ensure privacy while connecting to your WorkBook installation, we offer free HTTPS when using a customized sub domain under “*” or “*”, this is enabled by default.

All backups stored by WorkBook is encrypted with AES-256.


The datacenter facilities provided by IBM SoftLayer complies with the following and many more:

ISO 27001

In addition WorkBook Software is actively working on archiving a relevant certification.


WorkBook Software monitors customer installations 24/7 for failures but also to diagnose and resolve performance issues.
Monitoring is done using an automated monitoring tool and notifies WorkBook’s support staff in the case of failures or performance issues.

Some of the monitoring metrics we are looking at are:

  • Response time on HTTP connections from 3 different global locations
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk read and write metrics

Notifications to WorkBook’s staff is done using SMS (text message), Phone Calls, and Email notifications.

WorkBook Software keeps an 24/7 on-call rotation for critical hosting outages.

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