Hierarchy in WorkBook


WorkbBook is divided into 6 groups that follow a hierarchy:

  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Job
  • Schedule
  • Phase
  • Task

This means that:

Clients can have many projects.

Projects can have as many jobs a needed.

Jobs may have many different schedules.

A schedule can have more than one phase that can contain more than one task.

Clients & projects

To find active projects on a client navigate to the Resources and find “Clients” in the filter search bar, click the desired client.

Navigate to “Client settings” to find “Projects”. From here you can add or delete projects. Not that projects that already have jobs associated cannot be deleted. These can be de-activated instead.


Projects & Job

Once the projects for your clients has been defined you can create jobs simply by using the “Create job” button in the Jobs modules (or via the Quick access menu). Select the clients to find the projects you’ve created.

As said earlier you can have as many jobs on a project at you like.

A typical use for project is to group different campaign jobs or product jobs.


Schedule, phase and tasks

Once the jobs has been created under the desired project you set up the job schedule. Notice how you can create a new schedule, duplicate or delete the current schedule.

Phases and tasks are set up in the marked tabs by same name.


A job can contain many schedules, both active an inactive.

Phases and tasks

Each schedule can hold multiple phases and each phase can again hold several tasks. The standard phases that are to be inserted can be defined under “Activities setup” in the “Settings” (only in v8 for now).

A schedule must as a minimum have 1 phase – this means you can’t delete the last phase.

From the settings toolbar you can add or delete phases. Insert default phases or create tasks for each phase that does not yet hold a task.

For a better overview you can give each phase a color.


Once the phases has been set up another chapter opens up: the tasks of your job.

As stated earlier one phase can hold several tasks. A task can be added in many ways but from the task view you can select a phase and use the “New task” field to enter a task name or simply right click a phase to have a context menu show.


You might notice that you can even add new phases and also book resources to a task by simply entering initials in “Add user” field. From here a popup will ensure you book the correct number of hours.



Phases that are automatically added to a schedule can be set up in v8 under Settings, Price lists & activities, Activities and then the Activity phases.

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