Group scheduling resource

A video tutorial on creating a group scheduling resource:

A Schedule resource is used to assign tasks to a non-specific employee but to a group instead.

Example on a Scheduling resource created:

You use a scheduling resource to assign new tasks to a non-specific employee but to a group of employees. The system will calculate the capacity of the grouped employees and is using the position to group the employees with the Scheduling resource. For example if you group 10 employees with the position “Support consultant” together with a Scheduling resource and each of these employees have 8 hrs. of available capacity on a Monday (based on their Capacity profile) the system will then have 80 hrs. of available capacity to use on task assignment to the scheduling resource. Keep in mind, group scheduling resource doesn’t show any absence of any of the attached resources.

How to add a new Scheduling resource
You can add a new Scheduling resource on the Create new button(s) as seen below.

Once the resource has been created, click this button to jump to the Position menu item:

In the Position list you link the Scheduling resource to the position as seen below.

Once that is completed you can see that when assigning tasks to the Scheduling resource this resource have much more capacity than a normal employee.

From the Scheduling views here, you can then re-assign the task to a real employee using the “Move task to another resource” button.

Note: it will find the available capacity on the Scheduling resource by multiplying the capacity for every real employee that is linked to the Scheduling resource through the Position link

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