Google Drive integration


WorkBook integrates its file and document system with Google Drive, this allows you to use WorkBook in combination with the Google Drive editors and other offerings.
Google Drive gives you a wide range of functions like, synchronizing files to your local machine, editing the file in your browser.


  • An active Google Account with Google Drive
  • WorkBook

Installation and Configuration

Add storage provider

If the option Google Drive isn’t already presented in the list of available storage providers, click the Create new icon 2016-11-07_09-44-00 and chose it from the drop down menu that pop up.
When Google Drive is added as one of your options, make sure to tick the box Is active


Next we need to fetch an authorization code to allow WorkBook to access the Google Drive account.

Click this icon   and this authentication dialog will open automatically. Click Accept

After you accept, copy the token provided and paste it into the value field for the setting AuthorizationCode

Test the connection

Confirm that Google Drive Integration is functioning by running the storage provider test.
Select the correct Storage Provider and click the test button 

Voucher setup

This only applies if you want to use to possibility to upload vouchers or creditor invoices from a certain folder your Google Drive account to the creditor invoice management in WorkBook.

Voucher agent

Navigate to Settings > Advanced tools > Agent setup

  1. Add a new agent “Voucher hot folder agent”
  2. Tick the Activate box and change the type to Minute and Interval to 10. This way the WorkBook agent will search for new vouchers every ten minutes
  3. Change the parameters to the correct settings. The only thing you need to fill in is the web address of your WorkBook. The login and password values were needed in previous versions of WorkBook

Folder paths

In Settings > Company settings > Basic settings, chose the correct storage provider and change the paths for Hot folder and Archive folder.

We recommend that you create a folder called Vouchers (or something similar) in your Google Drive. In this folder, create two sub folders. We use the terms Hot folder and Archive folder. The first one – Hot folder – is the folder to which you can upload or copy new creditor invoices. If this folder contains any files, the agent you have set up in the previous step will rename them according to the voucher sequence set up under Settings > Finance > Voucher sequences, and make them available in your Vendor invoice management.
Please remember to click the update icon 2016-11-07_09-58-29 in the upper right corner when you have made changes.

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