Google Calendar Synchronization setup

(For Outlook Calendar Synchronization please follow this guide)

Before the Google Calendar Synchronization will work, you need to setup an authentication provider to Google and to the Calendar API. This is done by following the steps provided in this section.

The reason this has to be done, is that the settings provided in this section is based on the customer URL, and WorkBook can’t make a global one.

Go to this web page and sign in with a Google account.

When signed in, create a project

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Name the project and click create (it doesn’t matter what the name is) and make sure that you select the data center near you.

As default it have granted access to some API’s – we don’t need any of them, so start by disable them by clicking on the disable button.3

Search for Calendar API and enable it.45

Before we can create a new Client ID, we have to setup the OAuth Consent screen. Select the email that is given and in Product name, write “WorkBook Sync” – When done, click the save button at the bottom.

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Go to the credentials under APIs & auth to add credentials OAuth 2.0 Client ID.
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On this screen below, select Web application and replace the URL with your workbook URL.
IMPORTANT! In Authorized redirect Uris, the URL SHOULD end with
Remember uppercase in the URL above

  • You will have to add both the Silverlight and HTML URL under Authorized JavaScript Origins

This is an EXAMPLE with use your OWN WORKBOOK URL
Skærmbillede 2015-09-28 kl. 20.01.59

We have now created a new Client ID for web application, it should pop up with OAuth Client ID and Secret

Skærmbillede 2015-09-28 kl. 20.02.18
If you dismiss it by pressing OK with a you can just open the WorkBook Calendar Sync by pressing on the client name.
Skærmbillede 2015-09-28 kl. 20.27.02

Skærmbillede 2015-09-28 kl. 20.27.09

Go to your WorkBook, find these two settings (936 and 937), and replace the values with yours.
You can access them by going to Settings -> Global system settings -> System variables.
936 = Client ID
937 = Client Secret

Now reload WorkBook(F5) and go to My settings -> Calendar and choose Google as client and click the Google sign in button – a popup will show.

Sign in with the Google account you want to synchronize with WorkBook

Click the blue button to accept WorkBook to access your calendar information

You should now see this message box, which tells you, that you’re all done.

If you not already have setup the Calendar Sync agent, follow this link to set it up.

Agent setup

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