GLN-transfer / Electronic invoicing (EAN-transfer)

1. Selecting electronic invoicing

To deliver sales invoices to your debtor electronically, please select the invoice delivery method “Electronic Invoice – UBL” as seen below.

Find this page in Finance & Administration -> Debtor list -> Select the properties sidebar.

Note: “Electronic invoice – UBL” is the new format (UBL), while “Electronic invoice” is the old format (XML).

Bank information

When you create a new invoice, it is stamped with the bank information present in the system at the time of creation.

This bank information has to be entered into Finance -> Holding accounts.

Make sure that the invoice is referring to the correct bank, this is chosen through the payment method.

2. Generating the electronic invoice file

Finance & Administration -> Debtor invoice management-> Select electronic delivery.

f ‘Electronic delivery’ does not appear in your Debtor invoice management, you must enable system variable 517 in the settings.

When you have chosen the electronic delivery tab, you must click the “folder with a floppy disk” icon to generate the invoice file.

It is downloaded to the folder specified in company settings -> company variables.

You can also set a path in Global Settings -> System variables. This path is only used if the company settings is blank. This allows you to have a default location that every E-transfer is saved to, or to have specific folders for each company.

3. Delivering the electronic invoice

You can now upload the invoice file to Sproom or similar services to send the invoice.



If you experience any issues while sending the electronic invoice, please validate the file from this link:

First choose your invoice file, then click validate.

Afterwards copy the error code as seen below and send it to us at describing your issue.

Validate electronic invoice

If Sproom says that “DK:CVR” has been replaced by “ZZZ”, then you need to set the country for the company.


If the CVR number on the invoice does not match the CVR number in the settings on Sproom, this is corrected in the basic finance settings.


Generating the same electronic invoice again

If for some reason you need to print the invoice again, but it has been moved to Finalized, then you will have to reset it.

This is done by selecting the invoice and clicking the “reset” button. This will move it back into Electronic Delivery, where the file can be generated again.

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