Generate schedule list from price quote


 Step-by-Step Guide

1. First click the price tab as seen in the picture below.


2. We’ve made our price quote,  so lets look at the lines. These are the lines we wish to generate a schedule list from.

Take note of the hours assigned to each task. WorkBook will select the best estimate from the given tasks hours, and from that, generate the Start date and End date (runtime).



3. After checking you got the correct activity lines, lets make a schedule of them.

First click Tasks, then click Settings, and afterwards click the page icon which says “Create a new schedule” and hit the “Yes” button.


4. Now click the “Copy data from…” button.

In the pop-up window click “Copy price quote to schedule”.



5. A pop-up window will appear. Choose your price quote and click Tasks afterwards.



6. In the window below, you can choose which task(s) you wish to include in the schedule, which you generate from your price quote.

Furthermore you can change the Start and End date of the tasks if you wish. When you’re done hit OK.

– Notice here that WorkBook has created a start and end date for the tasks. This is based on the hours assigned to the tasks and also the workload of the resources.



7. The tasks now show in Schedule -> Tasks tab and you’ve now got a schedule based off of your price quote.

You can also see a Gantt chart of your task (See point 8.)



8. Here you can see you tasks in a Gantt chart.

On the left is your tasks with headers, Start date, End date, assigned hours and progress.

On the right is a chart with the progress of each individual task and also the overall progress of the of the tasks grouped by headers.


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