Flex-hour calculation


This article will give you generel information about flex hour calculation.

First you need to enable System variable 503.

General information

All time entries count toward the flex calculations per default. This applies to regular time entries, but to absence entries as well.

Flex is calculated based on the employees basic time for each day. Basic time is based on the capacity profile, unless the employee made an absence entry (of the specific type “paid by employee”), in which case it is deducted from the basic time.

Holiday paid by employee

This way of calculating basic time means that if you have 8 basic hours in a day, but you go on employee paid vacation, that equals 0 basic hours.
But because the 8 hours are also a time entry, the flex calculations will count +8 hours (which is wrong).
Thus, it is possible to change a setting on the Vacation job (usually called something like · Holiday) that leaves it out of the vacation calculations. This means that employee paid vacation counts as 0 in the flex calculations.

This means that you have to mark the “Job is not included in flex-hour calculation” for this particular absence type.

Other leave

When creating leave that is company paid then you need to create a seperate job for this. This you need to unmark “Job is included in flex-hour calculation”

After you have created the job then you create the absence code. See this article.

This will make sure that the absence will not count into the flex-hour calculation

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