File System integration


The File System integration allows WorkBook to write files to a local directory or remote share.
This approach is often used for self hosted installation and for documents that the user has no interest in accessing without the WorkBook interface (RichText, Temp files, etc)

Installation and Configuration

The File System integration access the directory using the access rights assigned to the Application Pool and authentication method.
There for its important to configure the Web site correctly or you might be meet with unexpected issues.

Step 1

The first step is to add the “IO Storage Provider” to WorkBook and configure the RootDirectory.
Navigate to Settings > Folders, reports & documents > Storage and folders
The RootDirectory should be the Directory (D:\WorkBook) or the Share (\\someserver\someshare) that should be accessed.

Step 2

Open the “Internet Information Service Manager” and select the WorkBook Website.

Open Authentication methods and edit “Anonymous Authentication” so it uses the “Application Pool Identity”

Step 3

Next we need to modify the Application Pool, Process Identity.
This is the user that should be used to run the WorkBook website and in turn access the directory or share.

Select user based on the following:

  • If the Directory is located on the local machine, choose LocalSystem
  • If the Directory is located on another machine, but in a domain use a User Account that is part of the common Active Directory
  • If the Directory is located on another machine that is in another domain or the webserver is not part of the domain, create a local user with Username and Password that matches a domain user.
  • If the Directory is located on another machine that is not part of the domain and it uses a password for access, create a local user with a Username and Password that would be approved by the other machine.

First open “Application Pools”, select the once associated with our WebSite and click the menu “Advanced Settings”

Step 4

Confirm that File System Integration is functioning by running the storage provider test.
Select the correct Storage Provider and press the test icon.


Most of the time the Internet Information Service will log any errors to the Event Log, a good idea is always to check the Application Log for errors.

The Application Pool won’t start or stops right away

Ensure that the Username and Password selected for the Application Pool is correct.

Nothing happens when I change the setting

Prior to WorkBook Version 8.3.6 you have to recycle the Application Pool for configuration settings to be applied.
See Common Known Issues for more information.

Access denied when accessing a file

Ensure that you have followed Step 3 – this error is usually because the ApplicationPool user does not have access to the file location.
Please go back and revisit the steps.



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