Favorite apps – general setup and use

A short video on favorites:

This article describes how to setup favorite apps, how to use them and how to manage them. The favorite apps feature is designed to increase usability and work performance, by allowing you to create easily accessible shortcuts to your favorite features in WorkBook.

Setting up favorite apps

It is very easy to setup favorite apps in WorkBook. Simply left-click anywhere within the top bar as showed on the picture below:

By clicking the top bar this popup box will appear:


The following example is based upon “time sheet” and “mileage entry” is features often used, and that shortcuts

to these features are desired. First we will create a shortcut to the time sheet function. The word “time” is entered

in the search bar in the popup box. As the word is being entered, functions that start with those letters will appear below.

(Note that this feature can also be used to “jump” to a desired function in WorkBook without creating a shortcut.

Simply type the word e.g. “time” and click the text “time sheet” to jump that function!)

We then locate the “time sheet” function in the list and mark the green star to the right:

The green star marks the function as a favourite app and stores a shortcut for further use.
Clicking on the top bar will access these shortcuts:

We can now add “mileage entry” the same way. Typing the word “mile” in the search bar will display a list of functions starting with that word. Locate the desired function and
mark the green star:

Using favorite apps

We now have our two most desired functions as shortcuts, accessible from anywhere in WorkBook.
Clicking ones will allow you to jump to that function instantly.

 This icon shows a history of previously used features and also functions as shortcuts.

 This icon is currently under development and has no function.

Managing favorite apps

As an example, if the “time sheet” shortcut needs to be removed, simply type the word “time” and un-check the green star next to the “time sheet” function.

 After this we only have one favorite app left.

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