FAQ: Why can’t I make personal expense entries?

We get a lot of questions in customer care, some more than others and that is why we in the coming months we will update our helpsite with solutions to some of our clients common issues.

In today’s FAQ we look at the possible reasons why you’re not able to enter expenses.

Sometimes the error message you get, isn’t always correct, so it might be worthwhile to go through all the steps. Should you get a error message that isn’t correct, please report it to support@workbook.net.

Q: Why am I not allowed to enter expenses on a job?

A: Personal expenses aren’t allowed in the ‘Job finance settings’. Make sure Allow personal expense entry is ticked in the Job card.

Job Finance Settings


Q: Why can’t I find my job in the dropdown?

A: The employee doesn’t have access to the client. Change the Client access settings in the Employee card.

Resource Client Access Settings

Resource Client Access Settings

Q: Why can’t I select a creditor?

A: Two things can be wrong here but both solutions can be are in Settings > Employee settings > Employee creditor mappings:

  1. There is no employee creditor created OR the existing creditor has been blocked. An easy way to recognise blocked creditors is that their names are shown in brackets.
  2. There is an employee creditor, but personal expense entries aren’t allowed on the creditor.
Employee Creditor Mapping

Employee Creditor Mapping

Q: Why doesn’t the expense type I need show up?

A: The ‘Operating Account’ as well as one of the four VAT fields has to be filled out in ‘Personal expense type setup’.

The expense types ‘Job‘ and ‘Private Withdrawals‘ have special rules:

‘Job’ can’t be attached to an operating account, but will need one of the four VAT settings, to be set in order for it to be active. Remember to check if it is active in the correct company in the subgrid.

Expense Type Job

If none of these solutions helps you out, please do reach out to customer care on support@workbook.net.

This guide will be updated as we receive new questions.

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