External approval on price quotes

Setup approval flow

Before being able to use External Client Approval, you have to set the Approval role as active. Start by entering Settings (1) -> Price quote approval (2). Before you set ‘Client primary contact’ as an active Approval role, you have to make sure that you are in the right company. In the drop-down (3) at the top right corner the different companies will be listed – choose the one that you need. Once you have made sure that you are looking at the right company set ‘Role 57 – Client primary contact’ (4) as active.

Client contact

The next step is to set up a ‘Primary client contact’- if you don’t know how to do it, you can find a guide here: https://help.workbook.net/knowledgebase/client-contact-users/


Now you have to make sure that the Primary contact (4) is the user that you have just created. Open the resource card (2) and make sure that you are in Resource information tab (3). Open the dropdown menu (4) and choose the client contact that you want as the Primary contact and approver.

Now the client contact is set up as a primary contact, and they are now the approvers on all PQ’s on that specific client. By default the client contact should be the last one to approve the price quote. In this case there are 2 users that need to approve the price quote before the client contact – the person creating the price quote is the first approver.  In the next steps I will show you how the approval flow works if there are several approvers.

Approve Price quote

Find the price quote that you need to approve and approve it (1). Now it is sent for approval.


Once the price quote has been sent for approval, the next approver in line needs to approve the price quote. In this case it is Kim Sky, who is the project manager on the job and therefore the next approver. Enter your inbox (1), open ‘Price quotes for approval’ (2) and approve the price quote (3).


When the last internal approver has approved the price quote, it will be sent to the client contact user for approval.


Once the price quote has been approved, all the approvers will get a message notifying them that the price quote has been approved or rejected.



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