Export all client contacts

In this article we will show you how to export all the contacts on the different resource types.

Firstly you should create a new resource search. Then go to ‘Search Activity’ in the pane. You need to give the Search a title before you can continue.

Determine the owner of this resource search, add comments to describe the search, option to select “locked to owner”, “Active”, and “Only include active search resources”

After you have created the search you need to create an expression and give it a title. This is a column that you can sort your criterias under.

Now you can add the criterias to your search. In this case we are only looking to see the contacts on our customers.

You can always add more criteria so you get all of your contacts.

When you have completed these steps you can now look at your search results and you can export the results to an excel file.


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