Expense entry

This article will tell you how to create an expense entry, how to delete it, how to change VAT and how to make sure that you can make an expense entry on a job.

The Expense entry allows you to add personal expenses to jobs. It is furthermore possible to add personal expenses not related to job (operating costs) as well as “Private withdrawals” (if using company credit cards). Entering operating costs and private withdrawals requires initial setup by an administrator – see Settings / Price lists and Activities / Personal expense type setup.

In order for the system to allow expense entries in general your user profile must have a creditor linked. An Administrator must setup up this link before using the Expense entry – see Settings / Employees / Employee creditor mappings.

How to enter expenses

1.     Select expense type (Private Withdrawals is always available, but will only go all the way through, if setup is complete).

2.     Select Job. Required if Type = Job. Skip for any other type (field is blocked).

3.     Select Company. Will be inserted automatically in single company databases.

4.     Optionally upload expense file if feature is available. For instance picture from mobile device can be browsed and uploaded.

5.     Select Activity. Required if Type = Job. Skip for any other type (field is blocked).

6.     Fill in date.

7.     Type a description.

8.     Choose currency (default = company basic currency).

9.     Fill in amount.

10.  Choose Location. Options are “Domestic”, “EU” and “International”.

11.  Choose Creditor. In most cases employees will only be mapped to one creditor and in that case it will be inserted automatically. Main use for multiple creditor mappings is for the purpose of entering expenses on company credit cards.

12.  Approve 

Until approved, an entry can at any time be deleted by pressing the Delete button .

When the Expense entry has been approved it will be added to the Creditor invoice entry and treated as a ‘normal’ creditor invoice entry – including approval workflow if setup.

A personal expense entry report can be printed from the report menu :

Personal expense entry report (383)

Deleting an expense entry after approval

After the expense entry has been approved, it can be deleted by clicking the “reject” button in creditor invoice management. You can find all approved vouchers by adjusting your filter. Afterwards it will be returned to the entry user’s Time & Material, from where it can be deleted and they will be notified that their expense has been deleted.

How to change on an expense entry

If you wish to change the VAT on an expense entry you need to make use that system variable 967 is check of. This allows you to change the VAT in status 40 under creditor invoice management


If you wish to change on a non-job related expense entry then you need to make sure that you have check system variable 970 on

This allows you to change finance account, description, goods/service, project type, department. billing method and profil center.

What to look for if you can’t make an expense entry

If you can’t make an expense entry the first thing you need to make sure of is if it is allowed on the job. This can be checked in the job side card under finance.

If this is the case then you need to make sure that you have access to the customer. You can do this by looking on the client in the resource book. Just open the client card and check under settings for the specific employees access. They must be checked to make expenses.

System variables

It is worth mentioning that there are quite a few system variables that can have an impact on expense entries.

  • 1102 -‘creditor invoices and personal expense entries requires a attached file’. If you get a dialogue saying you need to attach a file before you can send your expense for approval, it is because this system variable is on.
  • 828 – ‘personal expense needs an attached voucher’ – this can be set to include both imported and manual expenses, none or only one.
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