ETC – Estimated Time Completion

ETC is the abbreviation for Estimated Time Completion. When enabling this in WorkBook you trigger the system to ask the users, assigned to tasks, if they are on track in completing within assigned number of hours, or they would need more hours.

In order to enable this feature, you need to enable system variable no. 405 which has 3 settings:
– Disabled
– Enabled on billable jobs
– Enabled on all jobs

Once enabled for instance on all jobs, all new jobs that you create in WorkBook will have this setting enabled here (for existing jobs, you need to enable this manually):

So, let’s say you allocate a task to an employee for 12 hours.

The employee starts working on the task, and if he want to make a request for more hours, he can do so by right clicking on the task in the to-do list.

The ETC filled in will be the total number of hours to complete the task. For example, if the employee has been assigned for 12 hours and now uses 2 hours, and request 12 hours, then the total allocated time will be 14 hours. In other words, the ETC request is the total hours needed.

Once the employee submits the ETC request, it will go to the Task Responsible on the job for approval. If no Task Responsible has been set, it will automatically revert to the Project Manager on the job.

If the ETC request is accepted, a notification will be sent to both the employee sending the ETC request and the Task Responsible/Project Manager.

The number of hours allocated will be increased upon acceptance of the ETC.

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