Employee settings – add new user or disable user

Add a new user/employee

In v9 there are actually multiple ways and places to do this. They’re outlined below:

The “burger” menu found in the resource list. This can also be used to create all other types of resources.

The contextual  button that opens the creation window for the type of resource you have selected.

And lastly a burger menu on the employee card settings.


Deactivate/disable an employee

You can deactivate an employee by clicking this button. The employee will then not be able to login to WorkBook anymore and the license will be free to assign to someone else.

When you disable an employee you will be prompted to enter an expiry date and another employee to take over on open tasks, vouchers pending approval and other open responsibilities assigned throughout the system.


You can choose to show all employees, only active or inactive employees.

Client access

The tab “Client access settings” will show you the customer access of the selected employee. You can control if the user should have access or be disallowed access to a specific client.

Team settings

The ‘Team settings’ tab shows you the teams and you can click the check box if the selected employee is a part of a team.


Capacity profile

The ‘Capacity profile’ tab gives you the capacity of the selected employee. You can set the ideal booking, the basic time and the flex hours which give you the max. booking and which can vary from one day to another.


Create a new capacity profile

You can create a new capacity profile by clicking the button: Create capacity profile













Copy a capacity profile

You can duplicate a chosen capacity profile by clicking the button: Duplicate chosen profile













Copy from another resource

You can copy a capacity profile from another resource by clicking the button: Copy profile from another resource














Delete a capacity profile

You can delete a chosen capacity profile by clicking the button: Delete chosen profile












Recalculate capacity profile

When you wish to change the capacity hours for a user, take care to ensure that previously booked tasks using their old capacity profile are not changed.

Select “Recalculate capacity profile,” and change the information to the new capacity profile. You will notice that “In effect from” reads today’s date.

This is what WorkBook will pull from on all new task assignments.













The ‘Absence and holiday’ gives you an overview of the selected employee’s absence and holidays as well as the earned holidays for each holiday year.

 Create a new absence

You can add a new absence entry by clicking this button and choose if it is for ex. absence due to a holiday or illness:



























Delete an absence

You can delete a selected absence entry by clicking this button:


Reporting dimensions

The ‘Reporting dimension’ tab gives you the possibility to set a reporting dimension (normally used to track historic values like department or profit center) for the selected employee.

Rates and billable targets

The ‘Rates and billable targets’ tab shows you the cost price and the billable target in % for the selected employee. The cost price can change over time, so you are able to add a new cost price starting from a specific date.

The billable target allow to set a percentage of the user’s basic time, as a billable target. The system shows this target in report 323 located in the jobs list.


Change license type on an employee

You have the possibility to change the license type on an employee if you have enough license to do it. You do this by using the drop down menu as the picture below shows.








Hereafter you need to choose the access role.

If an employee have trouble with logging in to Workbook, it may be solved by an admin user.

Here you can define which kind of license type the employer has and give access to different aspects of Workbook.

Amount of license

Under Resources  you can see in report 170 (Employee list: Licenses and access roles) how many licenses you have available and how many you are using.

In the bottom of the report you have a view showing how many licenses you have and how many are being used.



Move employee to another company

To move the employee to another company is relative easy. Under settings – Employees – Employee settings – Basic settings you have a field called “Company”. Beside this field is this icon skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-11-00-26 which enable you to change company.


This will open a menu where you chose the company you wish the employee to move to and which department.

Need to know

This will close the user in the old company and create a new user in the new company. It is only the access role and settings that will be transferred. All the old time entries will be saved on the old user

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