Employee price group

Price lists & activities – Employee price group

In this section you can create employee price groups to be used if you want to create the same price for a group of employees in a price list.


You create a price group by clicking this button and type in the name of the price group.

You deactivate a price group by clicking this button and click OK to the prompt. You can also just deactivate a price group by unclicking the ‘Is Active’ checkbox. You can only deactivate a price group if now employee is selected for it.


In ‘Employee list’ tab you will set the employees of the group. In this tab you find a list of all employees of the company and in the ‘Employee price group’ column you will set the price group name.


If you have a long list of employees you will find use in the search engine. Just type in the name of the employee.


Once you have created an employee price group you are able to set the price in your price list under ‘Price lists & activities – Price lists setup’. Go to the ‘Price list setup’ tab – the second tab – and click the ‘Add new price list data’ button. 
You will then choose the ‘Source type’ to be ‘Employee price group’ and you can choose the specific ‘Employee price group’ or choose <All> and all price groups will be created.




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