Employee creditor mappings

Video demonstration of employee creditor mappings:

In this section you will map the employee with a creditor account which is to be used when the employee enters a personal expense, mileage or subsistence allowance. You have the option of mapping multiple creditors for a single employee so when it comes to the employee entering the expense, they can then choose which creditor the expense should be paid to.

It is also possible to limit a credit card creditor to only be used on imported expense entries. This prevents it from being chosen manually.


Create a new mapping
To map an employee to a creditor, you can click on the button you will now have the option to create a new creditor based on an existing employee that you have selected or just map an existing creditor to the selected employee. You can also choose if that chosen creditor should be available for selection when the employee is adding a personal expense, mileage and subsistence allowance by clicking on each tick box and if the creditor should be included within the employee’s personal outlays status menu item.

Delete a mapping
Click on this button to delete a mapping.

Delete a mapping and remove creditor from open expenses
Click on this button  to delete a mapping and remove the creditor from all non-booked expense entries for the selected employee. After clicking the button, you will get the message shown in order to confirm.

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