Employee capacity profile and work time

Capacity profile

For an article describing how WorkBook handles task bookings according to employee Capacity profile please click here to read more.

Underneath Settings, Employee Settings, you can choose the capacity for each individual WorkBook user.

A basic capacity profile consists of five things:

  • Ideal booking time
  • Basic time
  • Flex + hours
  • Max. booking
  • Work time (start and end)

Ideal booking

This is meant to be your effective work time. This is your work time without lunch time, coffee, restroom breaks, etc.

This is the number of hours WorkBook should suggest to book a user.

Basic time

Actual work time (according to labour laws).

Flex + hours

The number of hours that a user can work over-time on a day.

Max. booking

Maximum hours a user can be booked. This field is self-calculating based on basic time + flex hours.

Work time

If left blank, WorkBook will automatically set the work day start time to 8:30 AM. This is the earliest time slot that new tasks will be placed on the user’s task calendar.

If the work time start is set to 9:00 AM, this means that task bookings will not start until 9:00 AM. You can choose whatever time you wish.

If you change the capacity profile start/end times for users, be aware that this will not automatically re-calculate and move the tasks that have already been assigned to the user.

Default capacity profile

You can set all of these parameters and the start and end times on an individual basis, as well as edit the information in the default capacity profile so all new users will have the same capacity and start/end times.

Standard profiles

In this tab you set the default capacity profile to be set when creating a new employee or a resource contact.

Company specific profiles

In this tab you set the default capacity profile to be set for a specific company.

Add multiple default capacity profiles

Change capacity profile

When you wish to change the capacity hours for a user, take care to ensure that previously booked tasks using their old capacity profile are not changed.

Select “Create capacity profile,” and change the information to the new capacity profile. You will notice that “In effect from” reads today’s date.

This is what WorkBook will pull from on all new task assignments.

Recalculating tasks

If you should need it you can recalculate specific tasks according to the new capacity profile. We’re going to use the below changes in start work time.

Notice how the “In effect from” is set to 10th July 2018 and the only thing changed is “Work time start” from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM.


In this example we have booked an employee for several hours on a task while his start work time was 8:30 AM. This means all task bookings start 8:30 AM.

If I however recalculate the task booking via the Capacity settings on a task you will notice how the task bookings up until (and including) 7th of July 2016 start 8:30 AM and starting from 8th of July 2016 bookings start 9:30 AM:

  1. Recalculate
  2. Task bookings have moved to 9:00 AM for the future
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