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Once you have setup your email import (read this article) all the selected emails are imported to the Email tab. From here you can either save the email in the system or create a new task based on the email.

Email tab

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Saving an email

Clicking on this button allows you to save the email to a job, a resource (customer, prospects, supplier, employee etc.), a pipeline or either a creditor or debtor. You can then search in the drop down menus highlighted below to specify the receiver and a job.

Once an email has been saved it will be saved in the e-mail tab on the job.

E-mails on a job:

Here’s an e-mail shown on a Client/Prospect:

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Create a task based on an email

Clicking on this button allows you to create a new task based on the email. You can use this if for example you get an email from a customer and want to assign somebody to work on the issue right away. It’s quite like creating a regular task. The only thing that differs is that the allocated employee is able to see the email as being the briefing.

Should you want to modify the email before it’s being added to the to-do list, click the “OK & Edit” button instead of the “OK & Close” button

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Sending emails from WorkBook

If you want to email a file already uploaded to a folder (ie on a job), you can create a link to the file and email the link instead of the file.

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Email a report ie. Price Quote, Purchase order or Invoice

Navigate to the report list and click the Email report button.

WorkBook will now generate a PDF file of the report and attach it to the Compose new email window as seen below.

If you want to have a copy of the email, type in your own email address in the BCC field. If the system can find a contact person to email to, it will suggest that persons email in the To: field (if you have related a contact to a job, or added a contact to the Att. of an invoice for example).
You can add a recipient from the following resources:

– Job contacts
– Customer contact
– Job project manager
– Job customer responsible
– Job sales responsible
– Job production responsible
– Job team members
– Supplier contact used on purchase order

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Changing or adding an email signature

Your email signature can be changed by opening My settings:

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