Document templates

This functionality will allow you to add your template documents to WorkBook and also the option to have WorkBook automatically load data from the system into these document upon creation..

Add a new template

You can add a new template by clicking this button. 

Name: fill in a describing name for the template.

Group: will allow you to categorize your templates into groups.

Company: will allow you to only have that template available for a specific company.

Job/Resource/Pipeline: will allow you to choose specifically where the template should be available from.


Editing the template

You can edit the template directly from the editor tab.

Adding data tags

Whenever you want specific data to be merged into your document, you’ll need to add a data tag. The data tags are available from the list on the right hand side.

To add a data tag, simple set the cursor to where the data should be placed and click the tag you want to insert.

If you have the wish to add tags that are not currently present in the list, then just contact us.


Working with the template

Once you have setup the template you can navigate to a job (given that you selected the template to be available from a job) and test the result. Click the Add template button and select the template from the list (notice the grouping).

General notice/Disclaimer: the document editor will not replace a full featured text editing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Also, we cannot guarantee that the document preview will be producing the same output on print. You might have to adjust your templates so they will appear nice on print.

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