Day by day task list (Report 476)

The ‘Day by day task list’ report can be found from the job list, and will show you a list of tasks depending on your choices.

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The ‘From date’ determines when it should start including tasks. As default ‘From date’ will be set one week back.

Choose how you want to find tasks by selecting ‘Job project manager’, ‘Task responsible’ or ‘Task executive resource’ from the ‘Observer role’ drop down.

This will generate the list depending on which tasks you’re task responsible on, if we chose the ‘Task responsible’ option from ‘Observer role’.

Lets say you want to see a list of tasks based on one of your employees (‘Peter Johnson’ for future reference) being the job project manager.

In ‘Observer role’ we choose ‘Job project manager’ and then we go to the ‘Observer employee’ drop down, and choose Peter Johnson.

Now we see a list of tasks where Peter Johnson is the job project manager.

Note that if there is no ‘Observer employee’ chosen, it will generate the report assuming you are the ‘Observer employee’.

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