Reports – Custom Fonts

It is possible to use custom fonts on any report.

The new font has to be installed on the server that hosts the WorkBook application, and the server then has to be restarted. The font can then be used on any report.

Supported fonts

For a font to work with WorkBook Reports, it must contain “TrueType Outlines”.

This can be checked if you open the font using the font viewer on Windows.

Supported: Not supported:
supp unsupp



Hosted by us

If your WorkBook application is hosted by us, all you have to do is send us the font files in the correct format and then prepare yourselves to wait a while.

We will install the font and take care of the necessary server reboot, but as you’re not the only client hosted on this server, the reboot will only happen when necessary as we do not wish to inconvenience anyone for the sake of one font. This is an unavoidable obstacle and it is therefore a good idea to get the font to us as fast as possible, and well in advance of when you actually need it.

Hosted in-house

If your WorkBook application is hosted in-house, then simply take the font files out to your windows server (the web-server to be exact), right click the file and select install. You will need to reboot the server before the font can be used. When you do this, is at your own discretion.



Applying the font

Once all that is done, someone with knowledge of the report editor has to apply the font to the necessary reports.

For this service we charge by the hour, as we would with any report customization. It can, however, be done by any systems administrator with basic knowledge of the editor.

8.9.1 feature

It will from 8.9.1 and onward be possible to choose which font to use on reports in v8 and v9, in the same way you choose a layout, language or currency. So it will no longer be necessary to apply the font through the editor. If the layout requires two or more different fonts, it still has to be done through the report editor.


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